Castro Takes Action - By Aja Wallace

Took place on January 8th 1959. Reported on February 5th 1959

Castro and Camilo Cienfuegos made their way to Havana. The way they entered with the cars and men looked as if it was a small riot including the amount of noise being made.  But Batista left the 1st of January from Cuba. After that everything went downhill. Fidel was out to promise the people anything, he would make sure there was an end to the government who wronged Cuba since they had their independence. Castros’ promise was considered to be grand people. He promised people a revolution that was “as green as palm trees”. With a promise like, that no one was willing to resist. This  revolutionary palm tree promise looked to good to be true, some of the things he promised, had quixotic vibes around them.

Everybody seemed to be for Fidel and the ways he told people he was going to revolutionize things. For about three year prior to this, he even had the New York Times admiring him and his ways. Fidel was gaining much respect for the way he was, withing being in the public eye he was just trying to do what was in the ‘best interest’ of Cuba.
Months after  being in Havana Castro and his men started to kill up to 1,000 men. Castro was able to get rid of Batista convincing people that him leaving would only help Cuba become more “free”.
Castro often referred to the U.S as "a vulture preying on humanity!", due to the fact that he felt as if it was every man for himself. Fidel seem to express the way humans were like vampires yet he took away all of the properties on the land that belonged to the U.S., which was two billion dollars worth. President Eisenhower did not agree with the way things were going for the U.S. he felt as though the Unites States didn’t have to take anything of that nature. Their integrity in a way was being conflicted and they were at their breaking point. The Unites States decided they did not want to take anything else from Cuba, simply because they did not have to either. Thus relations with Cuba of the diplomatic nature, were broken from that point on.
Castro’s planed revolution was something that happened over a course of time everything was done in certain periods. Taking over Havana was only the first step. The Irish Independent reported that they saw Castro and his men coming with many cars packed full of them cheering on their chants. The streets at which Castro drove down were filled with crowds of people on both sides, watching as he entered.