Castro takes the fight to home! Written by Jesús Jimenez on December 6th 1956

   A few years ago, we first heard of a man named Fidel Castro, who, along with the help of revolutionaries who were no other than normal people like ourselves, tries to take the Moncada barracks from the corrupt Baptista regime. Since then, a lot has happened. Fidel Castro, along with his brother Raul were released and eventually fled into exile towards México. While Batista was still enjoying his control over the island, there was some serious training, plotting, and also some allies to be met over 1,100 miles away in México.
(Castro and his followers)

   December 2nd marks the day Fidel Castro makes it back to Cuba … but with some struggles. First of all, Fidel Castro has made new allies in México, including Che Guevara, an Argentine physician who is also a revolutionary. Though they made quite an entrance when they landed in a swamp, rather than a beach, unable to unpack most of their weapons and equipment because of the conditions. The first day, they made it without any food/water until they stared getting food from locals in the area, including farmers.

   Two years following Fidel Castro’s sentence to 15 years in prison, he, along with his brother Raul was released. Batista was forced to release all the political prisoners in an attempt to better his image with the people. It didn’t work. Fidel and Raul, along with other people left for México, to reorganize and gather up as much support as possible. When they got there, they were arrested for possessing fire arms, but were only in jail for a couple of days. Time went by and the founding of the July 26 Movement happened. Fidel along with Raul and other allies gathered a group around 80 people to take back the island. The Granma, which was a rather old yacht was used to carry the men towards Cuba. The journey took longer than thought and to make matters even worse, they were spotted by a helicopter and Fidel and his men were forced to land in a "If they had debarked right on the beach instead of at the swamp, they would have found trucks, jeeps, gasoline. It would have been a walkaway." said Celia Sanchez, one of the founders of the July 26 Movement. She, along with 50 other men were waiting for the arrival of Fidel and his men. On December 5th, they were ambushed by Batista’s forces because of a betraying guide, and were forced to scatter. On the 18th, they regrouped deep inside the Sierra Maestra mountains, where only 12 (including both Castros and Che) were able to make it, out of the 82 that originally sailed off with them.

   "We will win this war, we're just beginning to fight!" said Fidel Castro. As the 12 survivors played it safe in the mountains, little did they know that their survival could mean a lot to the people of Cuba. Knowing that these revolutionary leaders are at home is a slap in the face for Batista, these revolutionaries are gaining the trust of many islanders, and with that many supporters the rebels have just leveled the playing field.