Revamp, Rejoice and Recover (Cuba & The Soviet Union) - By Aja Wallace

Took place on December 19th 1960
Since February 2, 1959 Fidel was now the president of Cuba. He is taking any matters into his own hands. Fidel is one dictator that is very ambitious into taking matters into his own hands. Just like when the riot began, on July 27th 1957 Castro and a number of  armed forces swept down out of Sierra Maestra to attack the former field headquarters of the Cuban Army. The mill was then evacuated, leaving only eight guards. The attack happened before 2am and Castro released the captured soldiers. Cuban Army headquarters issued a press release stating that the rebels had attacked the Estrada Palma post.
After that, Cuba needed a bit if help in the missile department. The U.S and Turkey agreed to post exactly fifteen nuclear- tipped Jupiter missiles. Soviets were not cool with the U.S and Fidel didn’t want help from the U.S. So he was out to decrease the economic dependence on the Unites States. The way is seem is, the U.S are thinks of itself as a boss and if it isn’t getting what it wants there nobody is going to be “satisfied”. The U.S. needed Cuba to economically depend on them, it made them feel bigger, stronger and more powerful.
Through the sugar act of 1960, July 3rd marked the date when the U.S suspended sugar trades with Cuba.  Thus cutting of 80% of Cuba’s exports to the Unites States, which in turn incapacitated the Cuban economy. Cuba’s reaction was to only do what they thought would help, trying to get what they felt belonged to them. President Eisenhower even felt that there was a need to cancel the 7000,000 tons of sugar remaining in Cuba’s quota for 1960, and made a threat to the military action against Cuba.
Days later on the 12th, then the Soviet leader Khruschev was in full support of Cuba, with their dispute with the U.S on the topic of the Bay military base. Right before that U.S. decided to take away the import of sugar cane. So Fidel was ready to attack the U.S because of their refusal to sugar trading. This ended the aid program for Cuba, and triggered an attempt to assassinate Fidel by poisoning one of his cigar boxes